Mróz brand was founded in 1989 by Wojciech Mróz in Książ Wielkopolski, Poland.

In July 1992 production was moved to new factory in Borek Wielkopolski. This is one of most important date for the brand. This settle the brand on Polish market.



From year 1989 to present company develop incredibly and today it owns many farms and it also start its own swine breeding from Panerlan breed with up to 58% of meat. All those actions are developed to maintain the supply of products for ZPM Mróz Sp Z.o.o

In July 2002 we celebrate wining of prestigious award in 5th edition of Meat Factory Rank organised by Boss magazine in Agriculture category. We also took 3rd place in years 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2nd place in 2006, 2007 in Agro Trendy contest.

We introduced our brand to Ireland in 2009 and since then we are well recognised brand.

First shop was open on Moore street in Dublin City centre, the shop was open by two friends from Poland Andrzej and Tomasz. As it turns out they had brilliant idea for their business which delivered loads of joy to Polish community in Ireland. Year later another shops open, one in Blanchardstown and second one in Tallaght. Other shops start to open soon after based on franchise. More shops mean more customers. Demand for Polish products grows as more and more Polish people start to come to Ireland. Poles could find their favourite products in Ireland that's why the brand grow so fast. Poles could taste not only their favourite meats, sausages but also fresh fruits and vegetables and other products. There were at most 24 Mróz shops in Ireland.

Mróz brand from the beginning of it's presence in Ireland support Polish community in all kinds of events, charity. Brand sponsor and organise different kind of events such as 1st of June which is the International Children's Day or other events organised by Polish community in Ireland.

Mróz shops were main sponsor of Grzegorz Kalinecki in retro rally cross. Under the sponsorship he had won championship in 2012 and 2013. He also became champion in ITCC in 2015.

Mróz was the main sponsor of MMA event "Celtic Gladiator" where his first fights have Conor McGregor who fight and won against our Polish fighter Artur Sowiński.

In March 2015 we went through the reorganisation of our brand and our stores. We select just the best stores with highest quality of services and products. New owners Anna and Adam care about the brand image. They concentrate on visual aspects of the shops and great customer service. Their idea was to create shops where they would like to do their daily shopping. With this in mind they rebuild small store in Dublin City centre and create mini market in the heart of Dublin. Newly created market is warm place with friendly staff where you can eat Polish traditional dinner.

Next step in order to get the brand even better was lowering the prices, increasing the shopping space and also starting to work with another Polish market chain "Piotr i Paweł" which is only one big chain of this kind of stores in Poland. This effect in name change to Mró Exclusive. Only in our stores you can buy products from "Piort i Paweł" brand. All of that was only available through many years of cooperation between friends.

Creating positive and effective image of the shops end up in award from "Piotr i Paweł" brand which decide to allow to sell their own branded products in our stores. We are the one and only stores in Ireland which can sell their products.

Today our brand have 13 stores in Ireland with 6 independent investors. Our stores employ about 100 Polish people and our stores are visited by about 26000 customers every week.

Mróz - authentic Polish shop